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Thrilled / Thanks

My two girls are enrolled in the 2nd session of Camp College. They are 9 and 11, so I have had a chance to sample plenty of camps in the past years; however, I did not expect to be so thrilled by your operation. My 11 year old actually did voluntary homework over the weekend to prepare her piece for her debate class. She was so excited this morning “Wish me luck Mom” is what she said when she left my car. This is just a fabulous confidence builder for her entry into Middle School in September. My 9 year old is also having a ball with the swimming, campfire and meeting new friends. Your staff is also amazing. Seriously, they open the door to help the campers out of the car in the morning and tell you to have a good day. I feel like I have to pinch myself. Worth every penny! My only regret is that I didn’t hook them up at MCCC a couple years ago. Thanks.
-- Christine Donahue

"Happy Campers"

I wanted to express my appreciation to the entire staff at Camp College for my son’s third year at camp. The first year Nick attended, the place seemed so huge to me and although he was thrilled, I was a little apprehensive. Now, he’s like a regular college student, knows where everything is and who everybody is. Your staff is wonderful. Natola was so nice when I came into the camp office one morning to let them know that my father-in-law had passed away the previous night and could the staff keep an eye on Nick. The CIT’s at the drop -ff circle are so nice, some days their “good morning” and “have a nice day” might be the nicest I hear while I deal 8 hours with the public on the phone. It is so comforting to have a CIT open my car door and greet my son by name. Anthony V. knows every parent and is always there with a nice greeting every day. I just wanted to give a thank you to the camp college staff for making our family happy campers.
-- Laura Canavera

Being a CIT is a great opportunity to gain valuable job skills, make friends and still manage to enjoy your summer. I loved working with the kids. I felt like I was having as much fun as they were.
-- Dan Zeitler

I would like to tell you that I had so much fun and I will return every year. The teachers and counselors were friendly, helpful and I learned a lot! What I enjoyed most was the activities and making new friends.
-- Monique Bergeron, camper

My son, Prem attended the highly acclaimed camp for the first time last summer. We were a little apprehensive at first since we did not know what to expect and it being his first camp. I wasn't sure if he was going to like it especially since he was going to spend about 10 hours a day for 6 weeks. For the sake of variety, we tried both the Specialty and Campus Kids. We were very happy with the overall experience to say the least. The camp counselors were very experienced and knew just how to make Prem feel comfortable in his “new summer home”. They went out of their way to provide updates to me on how he was doing. I was always able to reach them and they were very responsive. I could see that they really cared and we will definitely be back again. Great job Camp College!
-- Raji Sathappan

Camp College proved to be a true hit with my six year old's first experience with summer camp. I found the organization of the program very impressive and how they were able to move the children from one course to the next. My daughter enjoyed the well-thought-out courses and most of all, the enthusiasm and care of the counselors.
-- Suhal Lewis

I would like to say how much my son enjoys your camps, and how much I enjoy them. I leave days with peace of mind knowing he will be well looked after and having a ball. I especially like the specialty camp programs. I find them to be educational as well as fun.
-- Diane Ziegler

Matthew had a great experience with Camp College. This was his first camp experience and we were amazed with how easy it was for him to adjust to camp life. He loved his classes and counselors. Matthew wanted to stay at Camp College year round! He can't wait to come back this year!
-- Kristy Catalfomo

The dance classes at Camp College are great. Stephanie, the teacher, and Emily, her counselor are perfect. There are two dance classes Hip Hop and Dance, Dance, Dance. They also instruct Musical Theater. Last summer we performed Honey Bun from the musical South Pacific. It is always fun to sing, dance and act with Stephanie, Emily and your friends.
-- Caroline Cano, camper

Super Staff

My son Collin attended Camp College for many years. When I came to pick him up from after-camp last year, Jason greeted me by name. I was so impressed that he remembered me from the previous year. Everyone that I have come in contact with over the years is always very friendly and helpful. My son looks forward to seeing his favorite camp staff each year. I see the same returning instructors and counselors which brings continuity and familiarity to my son’s camp experience. When my son gets older, he wants to be a camp counselor. Thank you for making my son's camp experiences an enjoyable, safe and productive one.
-- Matt Borow, parent

I am wrting to you regarding a member of your registration staff who works in your Continuing Education and Camp College office. She has demonstrated excellent customer service and problem solving skills. She went above and beyond to help my daughter, an aspiring young chef, to enter into your very popular "Kids in the Kitchen" class. She was on your waiting list for a while and I received a phone call that there was an opening. My daughter was so excited to join this class, because it was the highlight of last summer when she attended. I promise to be your first application for next year, and your biggest advocate of the classes you offer and the incredible staff that works there.
-- Audrey Strauss, parent

Happy Campers, Proud Parents

I would like to say how much my son enjoys your camps and how much I enjoy them. I leave days with peace of mind knowing he will be well looked after and having a ball. I expecially like the speciality camps; I find them educational as well as fun.
-- Diane Ziegler, parent

Thank you for taking such good care of our girls. They are both having a great time in the Specialty Camps. I think my daughter, Dorothy, has a whole new career as a web designer!
-- Mary Trigg, parent

We first tried Camp College when my daughter was only nine. I admit it, I was scared at first. It turns out that it was one of the best experiences I could have given her. She learned many things, made new friends, and really grew as a person. The counselors all know her by name and make her feel safe. [This] will be her third year…What a great camp!
-- Kathy Fox, parent

Thanks you very much for conducting such a great camp! My children had a wonderful time and they can't wait to return in two weeks. They learned a lot from you, not only the "how" of preparing the recipes, but also the theory behind them. My children thoroughly enjoyed telling me how yeast actually works!
-- Jen Pe, parent

Just some overall feedback for you on the camp... Nick is loving it. He has come home each day with great things to say about his day. Quite a change from camps he's attended in the past. I'm so happy we were able to sign him up. He will definitely return next year.
-- Nancy Kinter, parent

"Awesome Experience"

My son attended the new Camp College program for six-year-olds -- a new program, on a big campus, so we were nervous. But the staff was very helpful and told me exactly where my child would be throughout his day, making me feel much better.

My son loved his classes, especially soccer. He most enjoyed the interaction with the counselors who made his experience really fun. He was a little apprehensive at first, since he saw new faces; but he always came home proclaiming that the day was lots of fun. As a parent, what I liked most was a counselor who greeted me and even had details to share about some of the activities that he participated in with my son during the day.

Thank you for the awesome experience. We intend on returning next summer!
-- Kristin Mancini, parent

Grandparent Impressed
The week before last, while picking up my granddaughter and a neighbor's child from camp, I was witness to an event that made me feel exceedingly more confident with entrusting the safety of my granddaughter to the camp and its counselors. A mother was picking up her two boys from camp and did not have the proper ID. Your counselors were confident and steadfast in following the procedures set up for camper pick-up. There was an apparent name discrepancy on her ID and the counselors would not release the children without proper authorization. While I am sure it frustrated the mother in question, I am also confident it made anyone observing the incident more secure. Thanks again for your diligence in ensuring the safety of our children.
-- Marie Mendez, grandparent

Coming Back for More
I would like to tell you that I had so much fun and I will return every year. The teachers and counselors were friendly, helpful and I learned a lot! What I enjoyed most was the activities and making new friends.
-- Monique, camper

Loves It All
I loved everything about the entire camp! I enjoyed Bead Dazzling, Girl's Club and Sweet Celebrations. The crafts were so much fun! The teachers and counselors were very friendly and helpful.
-- Rachel, camper

Print Shop Deluxe
I loved Print Shop Deluxe. It was so much fun. Mr. Epps is so nice. We get our own computer. When we did a project, you don't have to decide with someone else what it is going to be about. I love this camp. It is so much fun!
-- Rachel, camper

Acting Out at Camp
Casting Call everyone, clear the set…lights, camera, action! Page to Stage is an absolutely marvelous course with a twist of pure acting and a dose of excitement. Even if you haven't had any experience in acting, Page to Stage could definitely get you on the road to the life in the spotlight.
-- Kevin, camper

Weaving Some Magic
Weaving's fun without a doubt, 'cause that's what weaving's all about! In this class, kids learn how to weave everything from paper to wire. I love this class so much that each day I ask myself, "What are we going to do in Weaving today?"
-- Samantha, camper

A Club of Our Own
Finally! A private place where girls can hang out and do what they do best, TALK. Girls' Club is where all the fun starts, with everything from making your own diary to sun bathing on campus. I never want to miss this class because there's always something different to do and I'm never bored.
-- Julia, camper

Crazy Construction
Fun and unique. These words describe the Crazy Construction class. The best part that makes this one of the best classes is its crazy challenges. Trust me. You would be amazed to have to build these cool things, such as a giant tower of toothpicks with just tape to hold them together. Or try to make a bridge with only popsicle sticks and glue. Or even a boat of straws. As is said, very unique…and FUN!
-- Jeffrey, camper

First Day, Good Times
I was so nervous -- a new camp, a new year, and new kids. Very scary! My first class was Tennis. I was so nervous that I wouldn't hit the ball, but somehow I did. My next class was Get a Clue. I had heard that it was a pretty good class, but it turned out to be great! The next class was Advertising Game<, the class I was most anxious about. I was put in a great group (with my new friend, Kevin, who I met there). Whew! The first part of the day was over then I had recess and lunch which were both very fun.
-- Andrew, camper

Kids in the Kitchen
Have you ever looked in the cupboard for something to eat and there's nothing there? Well, in Kids in the Kitchen, you get to make your own food. Plus, it will be better than that pre-packaged stuff they call food. While I was there for a week, we made a myriad of food items like chocolate chip cookies, Irish soda bead, pies, tarts, and pizza on Friday. However, these were only a few of the items we made. With Chef Fee in charge, there is never a dull moment. Be sure to watch out for flying eggs! Trust me, if you want to have fun this summer, then Kids in the Kitchen is definitely for you.
-- Dan, camper