Arts, Crafts, & more

(AGES 9-14)

So you know how to move the pieces and you
understand checkmate. This isn't just another
one of those board games. No chess game ever
repeats itself, which means you create more and
more new ideas each game. Every game you are
the general of an army and you alone decide the
destiny of your soldiers. You can sacrifice them,
trade them, pin them, fork them, lose them,
defend them, or order them to break through any
barriers and surround the enemy king. Learn new
advanced chess tactics, strategies, openings and
tips. Tuition & fees: $160.
NCENR-CC007-01  Aug 12-16  1-4pm

new program ALOHA!
(AGES 9-14)

Start off your summer with a trip off the
mainland. All projects will be inspired by
Hawaii! Create a Tiki mask with clay and a
Hibiscus flower-shaped bowl. Paint a tile to
showcase your favorite Hawaiian shirt. Paint a
canvas, create a shell mosaic and many more fun
Hawaiian projects! Tuition & fees: $185.
NCART-CC058-01 July 15-19 1-4pm
That Pottery Place

new program AROUND THE WORLD
(AGES 9-14)

Create projects inspired by the rich cultures of
some of the countries we visit this week. Japan
is famous for its pottery as well as tea ceremony.
Create a tea cup or mug with clay, then make
an African mask from clay. Paint a tile in the
Mexican style and then a bowl using the Delft
style, an art form from The Netherlands. Create
some famous landmarks on canvas and paper.
You will learn a lot along the way about the
places you visit. Tuition & fees: $185.
NCART-CC059-01 July 29-Aug 2 1-4pm
That Pottery Place

(AGES 9-14)

Embark on an around-the-world cultural
adventure! Explore far-off places and learn
about the people who live there, from the
Americas to Polynesia, from the cosmopolitan
to the countryside. Experiment with Crayola®
products, while trying art techniques developed
by local artists and artisans. Make different
masterpieces each week such as drums, masks,
canvases, prints and more! Bring the unique
creations home and build a globally-inspired art
gallery. Tuition & fees: $175.
NCART-CC060-01 June 24-28 8:30-11:30am
NCART-CC060-02 Aug 12-16 8:30-11:30am

Imagine Arts Academy

(AGES 6-14)

Critical thinking, problem-solving and engineering
skills can help all children get ahead in today's world. How can we encourage these 21st
century skills? Through hands-on exploration,
tinkering and play, campers will come together
to create, invent and design using a variety of everyday items and household materials. Each day, campers will be introduced to new "makerspace" projects that encourage creative thinking and hands-on inventing. The only limit to what they can do---is their own imagination.
Tuition & fees: $175.
NCART-CC048-01 July 8-12 1-4pm
(Ages 9-14 preferred)
NCART-CC048-02 Aug 5-9 1-4pm
(Ages 6-10 preferred)
FYI Creations

(AGES 6-10)

In this class, we will explore various mediums
including watercolor, markers, pencils and more
to create original artwork complete with uniquely
decorated frames! Beach scenes, rainforest environments, fantasy creatures and celestial themes will be covered. So if you like to learn how to draw and paint while working with loads of craft
materials, this is the class for you!
Tuition & fees $140.
NCART-CC040-01 July 1-5* 1-4pm
*No class July 4.

(AGES 9-14)

Campers will be introduced to the basics of
digital photography by learning the techniques
behind portrait, landscape and wildlife
photography. In addition to camera functions and
lite editing, hands-on experience will enhance
camper's creativity and eye for photography.
Campers must bring a small digital camera.
Tuition & fees: $160.
NCENR-CC009-01 July 15-19 8:30-11:30am

(AGES 9-14)

Who doesn't love painting ceramics? And what
could be better than learning a ton of different
painting styles and then creating your very own
ceramic table? We will be working on a variety
of ceramic and mosaic techniques as we create
this awesome side table. We will use specialty
painting techniques and work on creating a
theme that brings all pieces into a coordinated
finished piece. Tiles will be fired in a kiln before
we assemble and grout our table. These steps
make this a very functional piece of art. Tables'
dimensions are 21.75" square, 17.75" high,
perfect as an end table or nightstand.

Tuition & fees: $195.
NCART-CC056-01 July 15-19 8:30-11:30am
NCART-CC056-02 July 29-Aug 2 8:30-11:30am

Magic Glass Art

(AGES 9-14)

Duct Tape isn't just for dad anymore! Join the
latest crafting craze that's sweeping the nation!
Be the envy of your friends as you design creative
fashions and crafts that are sure to bring out your
inner diva. From hot pink zebra stripes to funky
tie-dyes, there's no limit to what duct tape can do!
Tuition & fees: $140.
NCART-CC014-01 July 1-5* 1-4pm
*No class July 4.
FYI Creations

(AGES 9-14)

Everywhere you look, it seems like Escape
Rooms are all the rage! A team of people sign up
to be locked in a room and must find clues and
solve puzzles to complete a given mission and
find the key to escape. The question is: How could
we harness this excitement and momentum and
bring it to camp? Welcome to Escape the Camp!
Campers will work together to solve a number
of puzzles in order to "escape the camp." Don't
worry, parents! Our campers aren't really breaking
out of camp. An "escape" just means that the
campers had the skills to conquer the challenge!
By the end of the week, participants will create
their own games to ignite critical thinking skills,
teamwork, and complex problem-solving. Escaping
camp has never been so fun!
Tuition & fees: $175.
NCENR-CC025-01 July 8-12 8:30-11:30am
NCENR-CC025-02 July 29-Aug 2 1-4pm

FYI Creations

(AGES 9-14)

Express yourself with EMOJIs -- every project we
do will have emojis involved. Board art, canvas,
ceramics and more! Don't miss out on the fun!
Tuition & fees: $175.
NCART-CC061-01 July 8-12 1-4pm
Magic Arts Studio

(AGES 7-13)

Join our aspiring design team to create your own
ready to wear fashions. We will experiment with
various fabrics, drawing materials, manikins
and more to make up hundreds of design
possibilities! We will have our own fashion show
where students will design an article of clothing
using their imagination and some fabric! In this
no-sew class, we will repurpose old shirts into
new wears. Budding designers will take home
their own book of sketches, fabric swatches, and
memories to last a lifetime. This is a great starter
class for the budding fashionista within who
wants to see his or her works come to life!
Tuition & fees: $175.
NCART-CC043-01 July 8-12 8:30-11:30am
(Ages 9-13 preferred)
NCART-CC043-02 July 15-19 1-4pm
(Ages 7-10 preferred)

(AGES 9-14)

Did you ever look at a piece of art and wonder
what the artist was thinking? Abstract art is a
style of art that is open for interpretation and
allows for personal expression. Make sculptures
and 2D works while learning about the styles of
Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Frank Stella, Keith
Haring and beyond! We will use some surprise
materials along with crayons, markers, cray-pas
pencils and watercolors. You will start seeing
different types of art with a different type of
mindset. Ready, set, go! Tuition & fees: $140.
NCART-CC062-01 July 1-5* 8:30-11:30am
*No class July 4.

(AGES 6-10)

Girls' rule in this stylin' get-together where everyone
is sure to have a blast! Join us in this funfilled
class of glitz and glamour where it's great to be a girl. Campers can look forward to spending the day in their pajamas at our "Slumber Party" or relaxing on "Salon 'N' Spa Day" with do-it-yourself beauty treatments and pedicures. Our very talented staff will also offer a variety of very fancy projects to craft, including makeup bags, glitter body gel, lip gloss, and more. So take a cue from us and make every day a girly day!
Tuition & fees: $175.
NCENR-CC011-01 July 1-5* 8:30-11:30am
NCENR-CC011-02 July 29-Aug 2 8:30-11:30am

*No class July 4. Tuition & fees: $140
FYI Creations

(AGES 6-14)

This workshop is a great creative outlet for boys
and girls of all ages. Using colored glass pieces,
glass dots, glass frit (sprinkles) and glass noodles,
we will create unique and colorful projects.
Different techniques will be explored and several
pieces including sun catchers, a nightlight and
a mug will be created. All projects will be fired in
a kiln overnight by the instructor.
Tuition & fees: $175.
NCART-CC005-01 July 8-12 8:30-11:30am
(Ages 6-10 preferred)
NCART-CC005-02 July 22-26 8:30-11:30am

(Ages 9-14 preferred)
NCART-CC005-03 Aug 5-9 8:30-11:30am
(Ages 6-10 preferred)
Magic Glass Art

(AGES 6-10)

Do you get excited when it's time to use
GLITTER? Do you love objects that shimmer
and sparkle in the sun? If so then this class is
for you as we embellish treasure boxes, crowns,
wearables, wands, and artistic pieces. We will
be using glitter, glitter glue, rhinestones, sequins
and more. Summer will be full of shiny days after
you come home with all your fancy wears and
accessories! Tuition & fees: $175.
NCART-CC006-01 July 8-12 1-4pm
NCART-CC006-02 July 22-26 1-4pm

(AGES 7-13)

Chess, chess and more chess! It's an art, a science and a sport- and we're ready to turn it into the event of the summer. Come and join us for a little one-on-one "fitness training" and most of all,
have fun. Learn the basics of tournament rules,
using a chess clock, learn how to write chess notations, and then let the fun begin. Children will
be grouped according to skill level. Checkmate!
Tuition & fees: $160.
NCENR-CC012-01 July 8-12 1-4pm

new program JOIN THE CIRCUS!
(AGES 6-10)

Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY! Let's
explore circus life under the big tent. Learn to
draw and create a bunch of projects, all with a
circus theme. With lots of painting and drawing,
we'll design brightly colored circus-themed art
using a multitude of mediums. Tuition & fees:
NCART-CC063-01 June 24-28 1-4pm
NCART-CC063-02 Aug 12-16 8:30-11:30am

Magic Arts Studio

(AGES 9-14)

Come join us in an activity that is relaxing, fun,
and develops coordination, dexterity and confidence. If you've participated in our programs
through Campus Kids then you already know the
secret to a juggler's success is practice, practice
and more practice! Whether you are a beginner
or advanced, all skill levels are welcome. Have
fun learning the basics of juggling 3 balls or more
advanced skills of juggling 4 and 5. We will also
learn to use devil sticks, spinning plates, clubs
and passing tricks. So that you keep practicing,
each camper will receive their own set of juggling

Tuition & fees: $160.
NCENR-CC013-01 July 8-12 8:30-11:30am
NCENR-CC013-02 Aug 12-16 8:30-11:30am

(AGES 6-10)

Drawing with a variety of materials and being
introduced to new artistic approaches, students
will use their skills to create unique drawings
of landscapes from near and far. We will study
works by famous artists while using combinations
of colored pencils, markers, oil pastels, and
paints. Discover your hidden talents while taking
home your own masterpieces to be enjoyed by all.
Tuition & fees: $165.
NCART-CC007-02 July 15-19 8:30-11:30am

new program MARKER MAGIC
(AGES 9-14)

Markers are one of the most versatile and easy to
use art materials out there! In this class we will
look at artists' works created with markers and
explore the history of this common art supply.
Using permanent and water-based markers, learn
some new and experimental techniques to create
interesting landscapes, portraits, animals, and
more. Tuition & fees: $175.
NCART-CC064-01 July 22-26 8:30am-11am


(AGES 9-14)

Unicorns, Dragons, Mermaids and other mythical
creatures! Let your imagination run free with all
of the possibilities! Try your hand at decoupage,
wood art, canvas painting and more. Tuition &
fees: $175.
NCART-CC065-01 Aug 5-9 1-4pm
Magic Art Studio

(AGES 6-10)

All of our projects will take inspiration from
some of the most popular books you have read.
Start by making a clay Junie B. Jones and a clay
version of The Magic Tree House. We will paint
pottery and paint Gregg, from Diary of a Wimpy
, on a tile and Charlotte's Web on a mug.
Finally, we will make a mosaic Giving Tree and
paint a scene from The Wizard of Oz on a canvas
and more. Tuition & fees: $185.
NCART-CC066-01 July 22-26 8:30-11:30am
That Pottery Place

(AGES 9-14)

Learn how to become a teacher in this fun and
educational workshop designed to bring out
the inner-teachers in all students. Learn how to
decorate a classroom, develop exciting lesson
plans, and maintain a grade book in this workshop
where children are the teachers! From creating
graphic organizers to grading papers, this course
will provide children with everything necessary to
become highly qualified instructors. This course
is a definite A+! Tuition & fees: $175.
NCENR-CC018-01 Aug 5-9 8:30-11:30am
FYI Creations

(AGES 6-10)

Learn how to navigate a table setting and dine
out with confidence! Learn about each other's
cultures and ways of life. Learn manners for
mealtime and anytime! Prepare fun snacks and
yummy desserts each day. Practice your new
skills enjoying a memorable grand finale tea
party complete with treats and games. Campers
will receive a Life & Dining Skills certificate.

Tuition and fees: $175.
NCENR-CC017-01 July 15-19 1-4pm
Taking Tea in Style

(AGES 6-10)

Explore the magical world that lives in our
oceans. Learn to draw and create multiple art
projects of our friends under the sea. Dolphins,
sharks, octopus, clown fish and more! This is
a great opportunity to expose young artists to a
variety of mediums. Tuition & fees: $175.
NCART-CC067-01 June 24-28 8:30-11:30am
NCART-CC067-02 July 29-Aug 2 1-4pm

Magic Art Studio

(AGES 6-10)

Calling all Wizards, Muggles and Half Bloods-let's create art projects just for you. Create a mosaic owl, paint a phoenix, a castle and more!
Tuition & fees: $175.
NCART-CC069-01 Aug 12-16 1-4pm

Magic Art Studio

new programWORLD OF DESIGN
(AGES 9-14)

Take a journey to the farthest reaches of the
imagination while learning about the rainforest,
Hollywood, the ocean, Mars, and a futuristic city!
Use the design thinking process to solve realworld
problems in these different environments.
Experiment with Crayola® products and a wide
variety of art techniques like sculpting, collage,
and mixed media. Discover design careers
including graphic design, fashion design, board
game design, and architectural and urban design.
Tuition & fees: $175.
NCART-CC068-01 June 24-28 1-4pm
NCART-CC068-02 Aug 12-16 1-4pm

Imagine Arts Academy