CAMP COLLEGE Summer 2022

Enrichment Camp 2022


(AGES 15-16)


* Requirement: Applicant must be entering 10 th   or 11 thgrade .
A Counselor in Training, or CIT, plays an important role in Camp College’s summer program. The program is designed to teach valuable leadership skills which will help prepare you for the future. You will learn important life lessons on respect, responsibility, caring and honesty. As a CIT you will assist the Camp College staff with all activities, classes and events. You will be placed in a leadership position to serve as a role model for campers. Along with the application and reference letters, we may conduct interviews with each prospective CIT. Visit to download an application.

Tuition & fees: $699.
NCENR-CC008         July   5-Aug 12 *      M-F       8am-4pm

College closed July 4.

(AGES 9-15)

Campers will work as cast and crew teams in this cool camp. They will learn basic levels of acting, directing, voice-over, operating the camera and working on green screen. Scriptwriting, storyboarding and improvisation will also be introduced. Each day is different as they create projects as commercials, film scenes, music videos and public service announcements. A huge benefit of this camp is increasing memory, reading skills and confidence. They will truly learn the basics of the biz....   Included   in this camp is a professionally edited flash drive for lifetime keepsake. (Please allow up to 3 months for editing.). Casting   Director, Kathy Wickline, CSA holds over 10,000 casting credits in film, commercials and TV.   Tuition & fees: $425.
NCENR-CC010           Aug   1-5            8:30am-4pm
Wickline Casting

(AGES 6-10)

If your child enjoys singing and performing,   then this is the class for your up-and-coming superstar! Not only will your child have a blast singing and performing their favorite karaoke songs, but we will also provide silly dress ups and props so your child can perform and look like their favorite pop star. On the final day of camp, all performances will be video-recorded and made available online for you to view and enjoy. While having fun, students will also learn basic vocal warm-ups and performance tips t hat will help build their confidence. Students will also play singing games   similar to   lip-sync competition and   Name That Tune.   This is a super-fun class!   Some dress ups and props are provided; however, campers are welcome to bring their own favorite costumes as well!   Tuition & fees: $410.
NCENR-CC026           July   18-22        8:30am-4pm
East Coast Recording

(AGES 11-15)

This one-of-a-kind camp designed by a GRAMMY award winning music producer and two-time Parent's Choice Award winner offers campers an actual recording studio experience by introducing them to the amazing world of the music industry. Campers will have a blast developing their skills in songwriting, music recording, voice-overs and audio equipment operation. Work interchangeably as talent and/or crew, behind the scenes or behind the microphone. Learn vocal warm-up routines, perform voice-overs and tv/radio announcements, and sing karaoke to favorite songs. The best part is they will have the unique opportunity to create their very own song from start to finish and record it live!  Campers will receive one professionally edited audio CD that contains their camp recordings for the week.  Tuition and fees $410.
NCENR-CC015           July 25-29         8:30am-4pm
East Coast Recording

(AGES 9-14)

This fun fast paced class is all interactive. You’ve seen it used in school - now it’s time to create your own playable Kahoots! Create fun contest games and try them out in our class and on your family - quick, the clock is ticking! Tuition & fees: $185.
NCTEC-CC075       July 5-8*       1-4pm
NCTEC-CC075       Aug 8-12       8:30-11:30am

*No class July 4. Tuition & fees $150.

(AGES 10-14)

This just in, Camp zine just went online! Whether you like entertainment, sports or the latest news, this is the place to write about it. Pick up your game and learn how to write like a pro - headlines, attention grabbing introductions - we’ll even get creative with puzzles, riddles and online jokes - join us for a week of writing, editing and fun. Then, see you work showcased for the world! Tuition & fees: $370.
NCTEC-CC076       July 11-15       8:30am-4pm

(AGES 10-14)

Aim high with the idea of starting your own business or company. In this fun, thought-provoking class you will be asked to design logos, letterheads, posters, spreadsheets; all after creating your own unique ideas. Do you want to start a store, a company or a brand? It’s your choice - we’re just giving you the game plan. $370.
NCTEC-CC015       Aug 1-5       8:30am-4pm