By registering for Camp College virtual programs, I understand and consent to the following terms:

  • It is my responsibility to provide any equipment needed for virtual programs, such as a computer, tablet, internet access, headset, earphones, microphone, digital camera, etc. I also understand that any damage to said equipment is the sole responsibility of the owner of said equipment. I will not hold Camp College responsible for any damage that may happen during virtual camp.
  • I will not expect camp staff to provide supervision for my child and retain full responsibility for any activities that’s part of virtual camp.
  • I understand that participation in these courses is at my child’s own risk. If my child gets hurt while participating in any virtual camp activity, I will assume full responsibility.
  • If my child is under 13 years of age, I will maintain and supervise any online accounts that they may participate in.
  • Data collected during registration will be shared with vendors and in-house instructors listed on the Camp College website.
  • If my child is 13 or over, I am giving them permission to participate in any virtual camp activity that they may access through their own online accounts.
  • I understand group sessions will only allow registered participants and approved staff.
  • I will ensure that my child is appropriately dressed and that the computer camera does not show inappropriate items in our home. If an instructor notices something on your child’s video that staff determines is not appropriate, they will turn off your child’s video until the issue is resolved.
  • Appropriate behavior for participants will be expected. Camp instructors will review appropriate and inappropriate behaviors with campers. Bullying, including cyberbullying, during a session or outside of a session is not appropriate. Issues and consequences will be addressed with camper and parent including and not limited to temporary or permanent removal from virtual camp.
  • I understand that my child may be in either a screenshot and/or video recording. These artifacts may be used by Camp College for current or future advertisements. Before either a screenshot or a recording happens, participants will be notified. If I do not wish for my child to be in the picture or the recording, they should immediately turn off their camera and mic. Leaving either of those two on is implied consent. The room will be told when the recording is stopped. It is solely my responsibility to take any necessary steps to prevent my child being recorded.
  • I agree to follow and to ensure that my child/children follows Camp College’s Communication Policy which states:
    • Any private (one to one) electronic communication between staff and youths, including the use of social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, instant messaging, texting, etc. is prohibited.