Drone Legends Virtual Camp

Get ready to be Legendary! Drone Legends is the world’s most exciting and comprehensive drone flight training and computer coding program for girls and boys ages 9-12. There is nothing else like it! We are quickly becoming a global community of incredibly talented kids experiencing 21st Century learning through the magic of drones!

(AGES 9-12)

This unique program places equal emphasis on teaching kids about drones, drone technology and how to competently and correctly pilot a drone as it does on coding and programming fundamentals. There are many reasons behind this model. Here are just a few:

Coding with a drone? Yes! We use an incredible little programmable drone called the Tello. Programing with Tello allows us to teach kids the basics of programming while having fun. By the very first class your kids will program their own flight patterns with Tello, commanding it to perform fully autonomous flight missions!

And now that they are expert pilots, they will spend countless hours flying their drone, capturing aerial video and photographs long after the program is completed. Plus, there are a total of four levels to Drone Legends. If your son or daughter loves this Level 1 experience have them “Legend Up” to levels 2,3 and 4)!

By the end of this program your son or daughter will:

This exciting 5-day program culminates in an online Academy Graduation ceremony. Each Drone Legend (a.k.a., your child) receives a frameable Drone Legends Academy completion certificate and a cool Drone Legends pilot wings pin. Parents, grandparents and siblings are invited to attend! Login to a password protected Zoom meeting and become part of an elite team.
Already have a Tello drone? Great no need to get another. (See special pricing below)
Tuition and fees: $325. (Includes Tello Drone $149).

NCTEC-CC063-01 June 22-26 10:30am-12pm M-F
NCTEC-CC063-02 June 22-26 1-2:30pm M-F
NCTEC-CC063-03 July 13-17 1-2:30 pm M-F
NCTEC-CC063-04 July 13-17 3-4:30pm M-F
NCTEC-CC063-05 July 27-31 10:30am-12pm M-F
NCTEC-CC063-06 July 27-31 1-2:30pm M-F
NCTEC-CC063-07 Aug 10-14 10:30-12-pm M-F
NCTEC-CC063-08 Aug 10-14 1-2:30pm M-F
NCTEC-CC063-09 Aug 17-21 10:30am-12pm M-F
NCTEC-CC063-10 Aug 17-21 1-2:30pm M-F

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Tuition and fees $175 (Tello Drone not included)

NCTEC-CC063-11 June 22-26 10:30am-12pm M-F
NCTEC-CC063-12 June 22-26 1-2:30pm M-F
NCTEC-CC063-13 July 13-17 1-2:30 pm M-F
NCTEC-CC063-14 July 13-17 3-4:30pm M-F
NCTEC-CC063-15 July 27-31 10:30am-12pm M-F
NCTEC-CC063-16 July 27-31 1-2:30pm M-F
NCTEC-CC063-17 Aug 10-14 10:30-12-pm M-F
NCTEC-CC063-18 Aug 10-14 1-2:30pm M-F
NCTEC-CC063-19 Aug 17-21 10:30am-12pm M-F
NCTEC-CC063-20 Aug 17-21 1-2:30pm M-F

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