Imagine Arts Academy Fall Virtual Course

Crayola®  Artist Passport

(AGES 6-12)

With passport in hand, children embark on an around-the-world cultural adventure − explore far-off places and learn about the people who live there, from the Americas to Polynesia, from the cosmopolitan to the countryside. They experiment with Crayola® products, while trying art techniques developed by local artists and artisans. They make different masterpieces each week such as drums, masks, canvases, prints, buses, and more! At the end of the session, children can build their very own globally-inspired art gallery. Join in activity kits mailed to each child. All classes will be delivered through a password protected Zoom account. 

Tuition: $150.

NCART-CC091-01                   10/2-11/6          F          3:15-4:15pm

NCART-CC091-02                  10/16-11/20       F          4:45-5:45pm


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