Friday fun days

new program ART IN NATURE
(AGES 6-9)

Grab a pencil and sketch pad and let's take a walk around campus. What wonders will we find? So much beauty is all around us if we only stop and look. We'll make some sketches and then head inside to put our ideas onto canvas. Once you have immersed yourself in Mercer, immerse yourself in our pool! Don't forget your swimsuit and towel.

NCFFD-CC052-01 F July 5   8:30am-4pm

NCFFD-CC052-02 F July 26 8:30am-4pm

(AGES 6-13)

Join us for some fun as we target our aim on those ten wooden pins at the end of a long lane. Like our baseball buddies, the favorite word in this "ten pin"sport is STRIKE! Learn the basic rules of the game, the important game lingo, and bowling etiquette. Then, get ready to take aim at those wooden opponents as we play a few games. Don't forget to bring your swimsuit to relax those "new" muscles with a cool dip in our pool. Transportation will be provided.

NCFFD-CC006-01 F July 12   8:30am-4pm

NCFFD-CC006-03 F Aug 2     8:30am-4pm

(AGES 8-13)

Who doesn't LOVE cupcakes??!! Let's be cre-ative and learn how to decorate your very own masterpieces. No kitchen experience is required; we will teach you all of the techniques to make treats that will amaze your friends and family! Before you know it, you will be a master of cup-cake cuisine! Please bring an apron to protect your clothing from all the "Cupcake Craziness"!

NCFFD-CC007-01 F July 5 8:30am-4pm

NCFFD-CC007-02 F July 26 8:30am-4pm

(AGES 6-13)

Can you dig it? We will have buckets of fun at the only construction-themed adventure park in North America where you can ride and operate actual machinery. Experience driving full-sized back-hoes, dig giant holes with real excavators and op-erate every sort of construction equipment you can imagine. Along with operating heavy machinery, Diggerland guests can climb one of the world's tallest ropes courses, take an off-road adventure in our military trucks, tackle the rock wall, or enjoy one of the daily heavy machinery stunt shows performed by the operating team. Transportation will be provided.
NCFFD-CC033-01 F July 5 8:30am-4pm

DINOSAURS ROCK® Fossil & Mineral Adventure
(AGES 6-13)

Campers participate in a highly interactive pre-sentation by DINOSAURS ROCK experts. They will have the opportunity to discover and keep genuine fossils. As they participate in this hands-on activity, they will be awed as they uncover genuine dinosaur bones, shark teeth, ammonites, petrified wood and more. Best of all, they will be taking some fossils home, the start of their own collection. Every camper will also participate in gemstone mining where they will take home amazing rubies, emeralds, and large crystals. See, up close & personal, giant exhibits of dino-saur specimens and other fossils. After this amaz-ing adventure, campers will take a refreshing dip in our pre-historic lagoon (pool)-so please bring a swimsuit and towel!
NCFFD-CC038-01 F July 19 8:30am-4pm

(AGES 6-13)

Summer is a feast of color and beauty down on the farm! We'll discover the pleasure of pick-ing sweet corn and a garden crop as we tour the Johnson's Corner Farm on covered wagons. Then it's off to feed the animals and our campers with their "you packed it picnic lunch". There is still more to discover at the Discovery Barnyard where pedal carts, rope structures and mazes, bouncing bridge, imagination stations, and fun awaits. Start the pot boiling, we're bringing home corn for dinner and a garden crop for dessert! Pack a lunch, bring a swimsuit and towel for additional fun in our pool!
Transportation will be provided.
NCFFD-CC027-01 F Aug 9 8:30am-4pm

new program JEWELRY FUN
(AGES 10-13)

We will make two necklaces in this fun work-shop. First, we'll design, and hand-stamp a metal disk with a word of inspiration or our names. We'll even use a special tool to punch the hole for hanging on a cord. Next, we'll learn to create a necklace using tiny tiles and beads in a technique called Micro Mosaics. We'll have cool color-ful cords to hang our necklaces from so you can wear them right after some fun in our pool. Don't forget bathing suit and towel!
NCFFD-CC053-01 F Aug 2 8:30am-4pm


(AGES 6-13)

Not quite ready to challenge Tiger Woods on the golf course? That's ok. We're not quite ready either, but we're heading out to Snipes Farm and Golf to strut our swing and we need you to be part of our foursome. Come and enjoy this "par-fect" day. Pick up an iron and dazzle us with your coor-dination skills. Don't forget to bring your swimsuit so you can dive into some additional summer fun with a cool dip in our pool. Transportation will be provided.
NCFFD-CC010-01 F Aug 16 8:30am-4pm

(AGES 6-9)

Learn how to create a cool mosaic project in the shape of an animal. We'll have several to choose from so everyone will find something they like. First, we will paint our animals and then we will decorate them with colorful glass pieces. Don't forget to bring your swimsuit and towel for a swim in our shimmery indoor pool.
NDFFD-CC054-01 F June 28 8:30am-4pm

(AGES 6-13)

Note: Release Liability Form available on website required with registration.
Enjoy play areas and giant inflatables that help spark a child's imagination at Pump it Up in Hamilton. The play areas are filled with massive inflatables and other games and attractions that offer endless opportunities for kids of all ages to explore and imagine. Bring your swimsuit and towel for an invigorating dip in our pool. Transportation and pizza lunch provided.

NCFFD-CC030-01 F June 28 8:30am-4pm NCFFD-CC030-02 F July 26 8:30am-4pm

(AGES 9-13)

Note: Release Liability Form available on website required with registration. If you're
up to the challenge we're thinking big, off the ground fun. Join us for a great opportunity to explore a new passion for fun. Kids are natural climbers with plenty of energy, and we're going to give you a chance to scale new heights. We'll start the day with outdoor activities to get you all limbered up. Then, it's off to Rockville Climbing Center for your interactive climbing experience. No previous skills are required, but safety rules will be strictly enforced. Unleash that energy and go for the fun and thrill of it all! Transportation will be provided.
NCFFD-CC013-01 F July 19 8:30am-4pm

(AGES 9-13)

Join us for a wild and fun adventure of unlimited indoor and outdoor attractions at Sahara Sam's Oasis Waterpark. Explore the nook and crannies of Tim-Buk-Tu, melt your worries away with a tropical journey around the Congo Bongo River. Campers have the option of packing or purchas-ing lunch. Transportation will be provided.

NDFFD-CC014-01 F July 5  8:30-am-4pm

(AGES 6-13)

Sit back and enjoy the newest screen attraction with a group of camp friends. Depending upon age-appropriate summer attractions, we'll spend the morning at a local movie theater. Participants may want to bring money for the concession stand. The afternoon will be spent relaxing and swimming in our pool, so please be sure to bring your swimsuit and towel!
Transportation and pizza lunch provided.

NCFFD-CC015-01 F July 19 8:30am-4pm

NCFFD-CC015-02 F Aug 16 8:30am-4pm

new program SLIME TIME FUN DAY
(AGES 6-13)

You think you can make slime, but are you a
"Slime Master"??? Prepare to get elbow deep in ooey gooey fun as you spend the day learn-ing how to make different slime creations! You will create amazing string slime, color changing slime, chalkboard paint slime, glow in the dark slime, along with more traditional slimes such as fluffy and butter slime, and even edible slime!! Please bring a smock to protect your clothing from all the ooey gooey Slime Time fun!! After this amazing morning of creating slime, campers will take a dip in our very own slime tub (pool)-so please bring a swimsuit and towel!
NCFFD-CC055-01 F July 12 8:30am-4pm

(Ages 6-9 preferred)
NCFFD-CC055-02 F Aug 2    8:30am-4pm

(Ages 6-9 preferred)
NCFFD-CC055-03 F Aug 9    8:30am-4pm

(Ages 10-13 preferred)

(AGES 6-13)

We're pulling out all the stops to make this the splashiest summer camp ever. Join us at Mercer County Park for a day of fun and games, an old-fashioned barbeque, and cool water fun. Get wet behind the ears with our water balloon toss and water relays. End the day with a big splash in our pool. It's big enough for everyone, so the more the merrier. School's out and we're ready to jump into some great summer fun, so pump up the music and let's get that party started! Transportation will be provided.
NCFFD-CC018-01 F June 28   8:30am-4pm NCFFD-CC018-02 F July 12    8:30am-4pm

(AGES 6-9)

Do you love zebras, giraffes and tigers? Then this one is for you! Using some special tricks that make drawing easy we'll create a large board art painting of a Safari Scene including lots of wild-life. After a walk on the wild side campers will take a refreshing dip in our pool, so please bring a swimsuit and towel.
NCFFD-CC056-01 F Aug 9 8:30am-4pm