CAMP COLLEGE Summer 2021

Academic Prep For Grades 7-10

Registration for the following programs are available for 1/2 day options only.


(GRADES 8-9)

Areas of study will include: expressions and equations, solving linear equations and inequalities as well as graphing solution sets, analyzing functions by observing patterns in equations, graphs, and tables, and solving systems of equations. Quadratic functions will be studied as well as their real world applications. Additional topics covered are factoring and polynomials. Graphing calculator is strongly recommended.

Tuition & fees: $575.
July 19-Aug 12
M-Th 8:30-11:30am


(GRADES 8-10)

Emphasis will be placed on vocabulary, logical thinking, and completeness of formal geometric proofs. Students will investigate, make conjectures, and form conclusions. The focus of this enrichment program will include deductive reasoning, line and angle relationships, triangles, and congruency, parallelism, proving polygons congruent and similar, right triangle properties, circles, and area and volume. We will reinforce skills such as how to construct knowledge through logical reasoning, problem solving, and communication.

Tuition & fees: $575.
July 19-Aug 12
M-Th 1-4pm